Use of Animals and Cruelty to Animals Policy

We are family run business and we ensure that no animals are used at any stage of processing of our organic products.

Our coconuts are plucked by humans from organically certified plantations and processed at our own mill within the Coconut Triangle in Sri Lanka. At no stage do we use monkeys to pluck coconuts or use any animals at any stage of processing. Thereby we not only maintain the Vegan, Organic, Plant based status of the product, but also to be ethical and considerate in what we do.

Using monkeys to pluck coconuts is a cruel practice in certain countries in south east asia, we are not aware of such practice within the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka, or for that matter in Sri Lanka in general. Should such cruelty is witnessed by us or brought to our attention, without any hesitation it will be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.