Coconut Gold

Coconut Gold is a family run business that stems from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle. Our mill has been operating for over 40 years, and we produce several thousand litres of coconut oil per week. Therefore, we not only meet our own requirements but also able supply to other factories within Sri Lanka. Our coconut plantations and the mill is situated within the famous Coconut Triangle.  We are also one of the largest suppliers of organic coconut oil in Sri Lanka.

Our organic plantations within the Coconut Triangle are renowned for its rich soil that is full of natural nutrients. Hence, our organic coconuts are not only full of nutrients but also full of natural flavour. With the knowledge acquired over the years, we have perfected the process of extracting pure cold pressed organic coconut oil. To retain all the natural nutrients, we only use cold pressed extraction process and we use the whole of the coconut to extract the oil, including the thin brown outer layer (testa), thereby making the oil so much creamier and nutritional.

Manufacture and Distribution

We manufacture and pack all Coconut Gold products at our own mill, and therefore have no third-party influence. Unlike many manufacturers, we only bottle cold pressed organic coconut oil extracted at our own mill under our control.  We control the whole process from harvesting of coconuts to extracting, packing, and shipping. The processing mill complies with all the local and international regulations in place for processing organic products. Thereby not only meeting the processing requirements but also taking care of our employees and giving opportunities to the local community too.

We ensure we pass the benefits of our success to the employees and their families. In so doing the whole community gets to reap the rewards of our products. Not only benefits the consumer, but also those who have given their love and effort to produce such a unique product such as Coconut Gold. We are proud of the fact that international certification bodies certify that our processing and distribution methods meet their standards.

We are proud to say we specialise in producing and distributing one of the purest organic coconut products across the world. To ensure the product reach the retailer and the end user in perfect condition, our worldwide distributions are also handled by our own family members.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost paramount to us as a family, and to the dedicated workers who contribute to making our products. Therefore we want you to enjoy and benefit from all the goodness Coconut Gold has to offer.